Diagnosing SAP End User Adoption Challenges

Identifying Areas of Improvement in Enterprise Application Adoption

VNM41113 – Visibility into enterprise application adoption can help business leaders identify areas for improvement. With SAP User Experience Management by Knoa, you can diagnose end user adoption challenges in your organization, and create an actionable plan to speed software adoption. Learn more at http://bit.ly/ZIe9oQ.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013 


10:00 AM EDT 


Cary Samulka 

Product Manager 


Ilya Epshteyn 

Director, Global Sales Engineering 

Knoa Software

Join the experts on April 30th for this session and get answers about how you can help diagnose end user adoption challenges. In this session you will learn how SAP UEM by Knoa can help you:

• Assess how an application performs for each user

• Map user proficiency to best practices, then zero in on ways to optimize individual performance

• Strategically apply training by identifying errors and delays across your user population

• Improve training to help users master compliance, chargebacks, and audit trails

Capture help-desk system and user errors for immediate resolution, reducing the number and length of calls required to resolve an issue

For parties interested in User Experience Management (UEM), Application Performance Management (APM) and User Experience Monitoring


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